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Focusing on Cables & Cable Accessories - your cost-effective supply partner..!

G F Cables & Accessories although formed in 2010, is actually a company with many years of experience supplying the industrial electrical OEM markets. It remains a fully independent enterprise giving its customers a very flexible choice and a cost-effective source of supply.

Our aim is to become one of your preferred supply partners helping you maintain highest quality standards whilst driving down and keeping the cost of purchasing your electrical cables and accessories under control.

Whether you are a Control Panel & Systems Builder, Instrumentation Panel Builder, OEM, Machine Builder or in a Specialist world such as Off-Shore Hazardous Area, Solar or Wind Energy generation, GFC&A can become a very effective supply partner to your organisation. Take a closer look at this website and navigate through the hyperlinks to get an idea our extensive range of Cables and Accessories and see what GFC&A can do for you.

Our Product Range is purposefully about all types of Industrial Cables, some Control Products and a large high quality range of Cable Accessories many directly connected to the cables you need, making buying a package of these materials a lot of sense from GFC&A as your single source, something often requiring two or more suppliers to meet your needs. The first product knowledge experience was gained through supplying many different Cable Accessory products so there is a lot of help waiting to solve any sourcing issues to find the correct accessories for your cables or installation.

Now over many years, helping supply customers with the right cables whilst offering cost savings on such a high value item, has become very exciting and the most important part of our product range - a package of both Cables and Cable Accessories from one source makes an ideal partnership to the mutual benefit of everyone concerned.

Take a look at our Line Card that you can download from this website and start to discover the benefits that you can gain by letting GFC&A become one of your preferred supply partners. We are waiting for your enquiry! - focussing on a better supply of Cables & Cable Accessories - together!

 ... You'll like working with us.


Godfrey D. Foster - Business Owner

GF Cables & Accessories

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